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Digital customer experience download with Kathryn Jones

January 22, 2024

I’ve always loved to push the boundaries of what is possible, and as part of the team driving Very’s digital transformation I get to do that every day. Sitting right at the heart of that transformation is the digital customer experience.

Thanks to AI, machine learning and other tools like augmented reality, the opportunities to create personalised, immersive user experiences for Very customers are greater than ever.

Let’s look at some of our digital customer experience highlights over the last few months.

Reaching for the Sky

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the migration of Very’s website and app to our new platform, Skyscape. Skyscape allows us to make changes to customer experience much faster and more frequently, creating exciting possibilities.

All 1,700 of our Lego product pages have now been migrated to Skyscape. The new pages have been redesigned for greater usability, accessibility and visual consistency. This is a crucial milestone, paving the way for thousands more pages to migrate to Skyscape over the coming months.

All Lego product pages are now on Skyscape

Supercharging search

We’ve partnered with Constructor to reimagine the product discovery experience on Very’s website and app with new search, browse, product recommendation, and autosuggest tools. Excitingly, we recently released the new search experience to 50% of customers. Through the powers of AI, machine learning and natural language processing, those customers are receiving search results that are more relevant and personalised than ever before. As we’ve also migrated the search results pages to Skyscape, they’re more responsive and adapt seamlessly for optimum viewing on any device.

The new and improved search experience on Very

New app

Very’s app is the platform of choice for our most loyal and engaged customers. In 2023, we relaunched the UK version of the app with a redesigned, personalised home screen and new features like tailored product recommendations. We’re excited to be working with our colleagues in Ireland on a new app for customers. More on this coming soon.

Check this out!

The checkout experience is one of the last steps in the customer journey, but it’s also one of the most complex and important for any retailer. Our customer research showed there was room for improvement with our checkout experience when shopping on a laptop or computer, rather than a mobile device.

Over the last few months, we’ve focussed on redesigning the desktop checkout experience to enhance overall usability and visual consistency in customer interactions. We're now running experiments to assess the impacts of those changes, so we can ensure the best possible user experience.

What’s next?

Digital customer experience doesn’t stand still. We’re always working on multiple projects while simultaneously thinking about what’s next on the horizon. Over the coming months, we’ll be taking product discovery to the next level by releasing our auto-suggest experience to customers. We’ll be migrating thousands more Very product pages across to Skyscape and getting ready to migrate other stages of the customer journey, including payments. Watch this space for more exciting updates.

Kathryn Jones is lead product manager in the digital customer experience team at The Very Group.

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