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Fashion forward: Very’s retail managing director predicts future trends

January 2, 2024

As a retailer, it’s our job to make sure customers have access to fashion they want to wear right now. But we can only provide what they want today by staying one step ahead. At Very, our designers and buyers closely track emerging trends and plan for several seasons in the future. 

So, what will be trending in fashion over the next few years? Here are my top five predictions.

Wellness apparel

Consumer appetite for health and wellness is here to stay. This is creating a gradual shift in how many of us dress day-to-day. Wellness apparel, like leggings, hoodies and joggers, combine comfort, functionality and style. They can be worn to exercise or adapted and dressed up for other activities. Brands in this space will thrive.

Wellness apparel is here to stay

Products that last 

Awareness of the environmental impact of the clothes we buy is growing. More customers want to invest in products that last. In turn, fashion trends are sticking around much longer and evolving gradually, rather than being replaced by something new. The recent revival of the utility trend is a great example. Demand for must-have cargos shifted into more sophisticated, tailored fabrics and looser, wider legs worn with sweats and knitwear. We’ll see more of this subtle transitioning.  

Smart sportswear 

Tech and sportswear are gradually becoming interlinked. More of us want to elevate our workouts and performance, and smart sportswear is on the rise. Over the next few years, demand for garments with built in chips or responsive tech fibres weaved into fabrics will become widespread. These products connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth, tracking performance and progress.  

Seasonless fashion 

Economic conditions mean many household budgets are stretched, and that’s unlikely to change soon. Customers are already making more considered purchases. This will continue, driving a focus on seasonless fashion. Shoppers will seek out timeless products that can be worn year-round and styled in multiple ways. Easy layering pieces like trench coats, bomber jackets, and lightweight jumpers and cardigans will be key. 

                    Seasonless fashion will be key

Value for money 

This ties in with seasonless fashion. The high cost of living means value for money matters more than ever to our customers. They want great quality, affordable essentials for everyday life. Brands and ranges providing that for the whole family will continue to grow in popularity. We launched our Everyday own brand range to meet this need and will be expanding it further in the coming years.  

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