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Top toy trends for Christmas 2023 with Ann-Marie Edwards

November 30, 2023

Our research shows that Christmas is one of the most important times of year for Very customers. They put family first and love to make the most of the whole season.

With that in mind, I’m proud to say that our toy line-up this year is better than ever. We’ve got brilliant products, strong pricing, a fantastic new marketing campaign, and a great online experience.

With Christmas now just around the corner, here’s my take on how this year’s top toy trends are shaping up:

LEGO love

LEGO is a true heritage brand that performs strongly every Christmas. But if you think it’s just for children, think again. We’ve seen real growth in demand for ‘kidult’ LEGO products in recent years, and sets like Harry Potter’s Dobby the House-Elf and Disney’s ‘Up’ House are top of the wish list for lots of grown-ups this year, too. For younger fans of the brand, LEGO City and LEGO Friends are both proving popular.

Movie magic

The biggest blockbuster movies of 2023 are driving demand for licensed toys. Barbie products are performing better than ever after the phenomenal success of the movie during the summer. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza delivery van is another of our best-selling toys so far this golden quarter. Disney’s release of its new movie, Wish, in late November will no doubt result in some extra letters to Santa!

(Not so) furry friends

Interactive digital pets are big news. Our customers have consistently been snapping up Bitzees since the product launched this summer, and they look set to be one of the biggest toy successes of Christmas 2023. With Furbys also back in fashion, driving nostalgia among parents and older siblings, lots of homes will be welcoming a new digital pet this festive season.

Pokémon power

Pokémon trading cards have been one of the fastest-selling toys on Very this year, as the trend for collectability is still going strong. They appeal to a wide age range and are also popular with gamers. As the cards often sell out within days of launch, our team and suppliers are pulling out all the stops to maintain availability during peak.

Value’s vital

Lower price-point toys are selling well, as the cost of living means value matters more than ever to our customers. We’ve worked with our brand partners to create fantastic ranges under £20 and £30. Price is the primary way to filter toys while browsing Very, so customers can easily find brilliant options within their budget. Through our Very Pay platform, they can also access flexible ways to pay.  

Ann-Marie Edwards is toys category manager at Very

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