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Tangiblee’s size comparison technology right fit for Shop Direct

March 31, 2016

New ecommerce technology that allows customers to virtually compare the size of products they want to buy with a model in their own size or items they already own has helped Shop Direct to boost mobile sales conversion across a number of product categories on, and

The innovative platform – which has been developed by Shop Direct’s partner Tangiblee, which has operations in the US (Chicago, Illinois) and in Israel (Tel-Aviv) – helps customers get an accurate perspective of the size of items such as handbags and luggage before they order them.

In Shop Direct’s most recent test*, the technology was visible to half of mobile device customers visiting all product pages across purses, handbags and luggage. The platform was not visible to the other half of mobile device customers.

The test found that the technology contributed to a 10.3% and 7.2% increase in net revenue per visitor and customer sales conversion respectively across product pages where the tool featured, compared with those pages where it was not present. Meanwhile, 17.1% of the customers who saw the size comparison tool used it and interacted with it for an average of 28.6 seconds.

Having now successfully rolled-out the technology to all visitors to its sites, Shop Direct is working with Tangiblee to trial the latest version of the platform for watches and jewellery.

The trial will begin in Shop Direct’s in-house user experience lab, where the company will learn how customers interact with the platform before testing it across, and

Jonathan Wall, Group eCommerce Director at Shop Direct, said: “We’re committed to working with innovative partners that can make our customer’s online shopping journey the best it can be.

“Tangiblee’s technology is helping us do that; giving our customer confidence in the actual size of items before she buys. Our tests indicate the feature can support sales growth.

“We’ve been impressed with the Tangiblee team and their platform since we started working with them in late 2014 – and that’s why we’re trialling the latest version for jewellery and watches.”

Eliad Inbar, Co-Founder of Tangiblee, commented: “We are excited to partner with a leading ecommerce retailer such as Shop Direct, thanks to their advanced A/B testing methodology. We were able to rapidly rollout, prove the value of our solution and improve Shop Direct’s bottom line.

“Going forward we are confident that rolling out additional categories will further increase the value we deliver to Shop Direct and its customers.”